My images are a response to my experience of wandering in unfamiliar spaces.  I search for relics of place or go to witness a transitional place.  I obsess on space versus place.  What makes space place?  At what point does place cease to be, returning back to space?  There is no easy answer.  Elements are destined to fold back into the landscape, to become part of space, ceasing to create place.

I am driven by curiosity and attempt to recreate this experience of wandering with photography.  I frame and compose imagery as stimulus, offering a point of view subtly executed that also exists as an abstract feeling.  An extraction of a moment.

I continue to hold on to the traditional mindset that framing occurs in camera; I don’t crop post-production, instead I use and own multiple cameras specifically for their film formats.  For the past six years I have been shooting almost entirely square format specifically for the challenges and traits inherent to its shape.  The square is not only a difficult format to compose with, but historically used to present images as icons, as opposed to verticals and horizontals conventionally used for portraiture and landscapes, respectively.  I use the square as a means to push past the expected standard and force the shape to hold elements of landscape.  

I advise the viewer to respond to the images with instinct and gut feeling.  Pay attention to the spaces in between; the moments in between.  Let your mind wander, let it unfocus.  The image becomes gaze.